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Father Knocked Out By Teen Son In Viral Clip (Video)

A new viral clip that shows a teen knocking out his father after an argument is making its way around the Internet, and many say that the teen had every right to defend himself.

The video, which already has well over a million views since being posted to World Star Hip Hop yesterday, starts out with the father and son arguing with each other while others look on. The father clearly hurls numerous insults and profanities at the teenage son, and as the video goes on, he provokes his son to hit him.

After some time of being provoked, the son loses his temper and lunges towards his father before pushing him to the ground. The father stands up and, even angrier, insists that his son punch him in the face. The video ends with the teenager taking one big swing at his older father, which knocks him straight to the ground. The father appears to black out on the ground, and the teenage son runs over to his side to see if he is okay.

The viral clip has sparked debate on the Internet, with some saying that the teen shouldn’t have hit his father, and others saying that the father got what was coming to him.

“The father shouldn’t have talked to his son like that-he seemed drunk,” wrote one YouTube user XSarge1, according to The Inquisitr. “And the son shouldn’t have hit his father.”

It should be noted that the video starts out while the argument has already reached a boiling point, so the circumstances that actually lead to the fight are unknown, but even still, the clip has certainly made an impact. 


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