Father Invites Bullies To Daughter's Funeral (Photos)

Father Invites Bullies To Daughter's Funeral (Photos) Promo Image

The family of an Australian 14-year-old who committed suicide is hoping to raise awareness about what caused her tragic death.

Amy Everett, known as Dolly, committed suicide on Jan. 3 after being "overwhelmed" by online bullies, The Sun reports. 

She had gained fame in her country as the advertising face of the popular Australian hat maker Akubra.

"Dolly was beautiful -- just such a free-spirited young girl," said former Governess Jessica Dunn, as quoted by WGHP. "You either liked her or you loved her, there was nothing in between. She was just gorgeous."

"This is a tragedy. And an obscenity," said former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. "Any form of bullying is an assault on our values. And in this young girl's life with lethal effect." 

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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull also paid tribute, while calling for a renewed effort to stop bullying. "Dolly, you are loved and you will never be forgotten," he said in a Facebook post. 

Dolly's father, Tick, explained that she got her nickname because when she was born, her mother said: "She is just like like a perfect little china doll."

Tick invited Dolly's bullies to her funeral. "Please come to our service and witness the complete devastation you have created," he wrote on social media.

Around 300 mourners gathered for the funeral on Jan. 12, the Daily Mail reports. After the service, silver balloons were released into the air.

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After the memorial, Tick commented that Dolly "loved her animals and cared so deeply for other people less fortunate than her."

On social media, he announced that the family was intent on raising awareness about bullying.

"We don't want another family to go through what we are going through and our vision is to establish called Dolly's Dream," he wrote. "Through this trust we hope to raise awareness around bullying, anxiety, depression, and obviously youth suicide. It won't bring our Dolly back, but it may just prevent the loss of another young life. It should not have taken the loss of a young life to drive this change but this is where our journey will start."

His message also includes an appeal to other parents: "To all the parents -- please check your children, talk to them, talk to them about their relationships, talk to them about their bullying, whichever way it might be happening. ... Please just talk to your children and anybody else and remember, speak even if your voice shakes."

That final comment refers to a drawing that Dolly made shortly before her death, showing a girl making a gymnastics move in front of a banner that reads: "Speak even if your voice shakes."

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