'I Want To Keep Them Safe': Father Takes Matters Into His Own Hands To Stop Speeding Cars (Video)


A father in Kusa, Colorado, was so fed up with cars speeding through his neighborhood that he took it upon himself to install stop signs on the street near his home (video below).

Kurt Smith, a father of two who works for a sign company, placed the stop signs in front of his house after getting sick of seeing people speeding on the street while his kids ride scooters and skateboards nearby, 9 News reported.

“Car! You guys all out of the street,” he warned the children in his neighborhood, reports 9 News. “I want to keep them safe, as well as my own.”

Andrew Tschetter, an 11-year-old boy in the neighborhood, said he was almost hit by a car this summer but still enjoys playing outside despite the close call.

“You don't have to worry about too many bad things happening, that's the only thing you may have to worry about, is cars speeding,” he said.

Smith took matters into his own hands by putting up stop signs — illegally.

“I put up some legal stop signs but illegally placed them,” he said.

The next day, Smith said, a sheriff’s deputy took the signs down.

Even though it could land him in serious trouble, Smith said he intends to put the signs back up as soon as he can.

“I guarantee it will be done again before next Saturday,” he said. 

Sources: 9 News, YouTube / Photo credit: 9 News screenshot


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