Father Hopes Mother Of Two Shot In Florida Lives So He Isn't 'Stuck' With Their Kids (Video)


A father in Jacksonville, Florida, raised eyebrows this week after saying he hopes the mother of his children lives after being shot so that he wouldn’t be “stuck” with his kids.

Lanay Davis, a 24-year-old mother from the Grand Park neighborhood of Jacksonville, was walking down the street on April 20, when bullets started flying out of nowhere. She was shot and rushed to a nearby hospital.

“Whoever it was, they just came up and went to shooting,” Davis said of the shooting. “Everybody scattered. I thought I was gonna die. I was really scared for my life.”

The father of Davis’ children, David Stephens, spoke to local reporters about the incident and soon caused controversy with his remarks, which many deemed insensitive.

“It’s shocking news to find that your children’s mom got shot and you got to be stuck with your kids and hoping that she lives,” Stephens said.

Response to Stephens’ comments was mixed, with a number of viewers slamming him for his perceived lack of willingness to be there for his children while their mother recovers.

“How dare you get shot … you got these kids to take care of … I am not trying to be stuck with my own kids,” one commenter interpreted.

“This man is an embarrassment to humanity,” another said.“Stuck with your own kids? Sounds like he want her to live so that he won’t have to be stuck with his own kids. Where’s the firing squad when needed?” 

Some viewers, however, argued that Stephens’ words appeared to be misconstrued and taken out of context.

“His wording did not reflect what he meant,” one viewer said in Stephens’ defense. “That’s just the way he talks. He was trying to say he was left with the burden of explaining to his kids what happened to their mother and also trying to reassure them she will be alright. People and the media are always trying to make something out of nothing. All you’d have to do is look at his demeanor while he was talking and you would know he didn’t mean that to come out that way.”

Do you think Stephens’ comment was misinterpreted? Watch the video below.

Sources: Inquisitr, News 4 Jax / Photo Credit: youtube.com

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