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Father Gives Unbelievable Reason For Why He Impregnated His Foster Daughter

An Omaha, Nebraska, man told a jury on Dec. 8 that he did not rape his 13-year-old foster daughter, but did impregnate her with a syringe.

Brandon Weathers, 40, who is representing himself at trial, said he used the syringe to impregnate the girl because she dreamed of becoming pregnant, reported.

Weathers claims they never had sex.

“We’re not here for first-degree sexual assault of a child,” Weathers said, according to “We’re here for child abuse.”

The girl, now 15, took the stand and recounted the abuse she suffered while living at Weathers's house for two months, and the four months he continued to contact her afterward.

The girl, using the fake name “Allie,” said that Weathers subjected her to oral and vaginal sex more times than she could count, and gave her a cell phone so he could track her and text her.

Allie was a virgin when she arrived at Weathers's home.

At a summer camp two months after the abuse began, Allie told her little sister and brother that she had had sex. She admitted it was with “Mr. Brandon” to her brother.

A camp counselor contacted Child Protective Services, but at first, Allie denied having had sex with anyone except a boy her own age.

“Because I loved him,” she testified, after being asked why she lied, reported

Allie and her sister were removed from Weathers's home but the abuse continued. They had sex in his car, again in his home, and at his workplace, according to

During an incident at his workplace, he allegedly told her his plan to use a syringe.

Allie said Weathers told her he was going to insert a plastic syringe inside of her to "protect himself" from any trouble that he may find himself in, reported After using the syringe, the two had sex.

Weathers reportedly tried to get Allie to take a morning-after pill, which she says she refused.

Allie later discovered she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. The fetal tissue was tested by investigators and found to be a positive DNA match for Weathers, reported

“I helped her indulge a fantasy — it was very stupid on my part,” Weathers told the jury. “We never had sex. Did we use a syringe? We did. She even told me what her menstrual cycle was. She told me, and we timed it perfectly.”

The prosecution contends that Weathers used the foster care system for money and “opportunity” to prey on a vulnerable 13-year-old girl, according to

“He wants a trial,” Chief Deputy Douglas County Prosecutor Brenda Beadle told jurors. “But this is serious. It’s serious for the State of Nebraska, and it’s serious for [Allie].

“Thirteen. Thirty-eight. Pregnant. That’s the end of the story.”

Weathers and his wife became foster parents in 2013, even though he had a criminal record of convictions for burglary and theft. State regulations permit felons to become foster parents if more than five years pass from a conviction in certain crimes, such as those committed by Weathers.

According to Star Herald, Weathers is charged with five counts of first-degree sexual assault of a child. If convicted, he may serve 15 years to life in prison on each count.


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