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Man Asks Metro Station Manager To Let His Young Daughter Use The Restroom -- The Manager's Response Is Shocking (Video)

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An interaction in the Washington D.C. Metro system took a turn for the bizarre after a man who was attempting to help his 4-year-old daughter go to a station bathroom got into an argument with a station manager.

The incident reportedly occurred on May 30 and was captured in a video uploaded to YouTube titled “WMATA Station Manger Assaults Man and His 4 y/o Daughter" (shown below).

In the video, the man, who is with his 4-year-old daughter, repeatedly asks the manager if they can use the restroom, adding that the little girl is "going to have an accident."

The manager had told the father before the video started that he couldn't use the restrooms because they were closed due to cleaning, according to Metro.

In the video, the man pleads with the manager to use the bathroom, and his daughter can be heard saying "dad" in the background.

After the father calmly asks the manager his name, the manager says, "Come on out of here, let's go," and leads the man and his daughter out the door.

"You cannot use the restroom," the manager says.

“You just disrespected me,” he adds. “You get out of my station.”

The father replies, “You don’t yell at me in front of my daughter.”

The little girl can be heard crying and saying "daddy" in the background throughout the video.

The Metro Transit Police has since met with the father and the Washington D.C. Metro System has released a statement regarding the matter.

“ … [We] find the station manager’s interaction with the customer unacceptable and are taking appropriate internal administrative action,” the statement read. “Through MTPD, we had been in contact with the customer multiple times since the incident; and we also reached out yesterday to provide an update and again apologize.”

The station manager is still working with the Metro despite the statement, according to the Washington Post.

“He is being paid, but not interacting with customers,” spokesman Dan Stessel said on Wednesday.

Source: Washington PostLiftBump

​Photo Credit: YouTube


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