Father Furious After School Demands He Remove Daughter's Performance From Facebook


British dad Douglas Holmes was furious after he was told to remove a video from Facebook of his daughter performing in a school nativity play.

Following his 4-year-old daughter’s performance at Ynysboeth Primary School in Abercynon on Monday, Holmes and his partner uploaded a video of the event to Facebook. However, Holmes’ partner was asked by a teacher the next day to remove the video.

“My partner doesn’t usually post videos on Facebook. But some parents couldn’t go to the play because of work,” Holmes said. “A friend of ours couldn’t make it and we managed to catch her daughter in our video so she posted the video.”

Holmes added that he should be allowed to share his daughter’s experience with others if he wants to. However, a school district spokesperson argued that the decision is meant to protect children. He noted that there are children in the school district who are protected by court orders and that revealing their identity or location could be potentially dangerous.

“Schools should receive the written permission of all of their parents to allow filming or photography of their children in school,” the spokesperson said. “At Ynysboeth Primary School a significant number of parents or carers specifically requested that their children's images do not appear on social media.”

The spokesperson added that the headteacher had made it clear that photography was allowed at the play, but not for distribution on social media.

Sources: Mirror, South Wales Evening Post / Photo Credit: Mirror


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