Father Forces Little Boy To Run As He Drives Alongside Him For 'Football Training' (Video)


A video of a young boy being forced to run alongside his father’s truck for “football training” went viral this week.

The unidentified man driving the vehicle and filming hurls expletives at the boy to make him run faster.

“Well you’re in football training,” he tells the boy, who appears to be about five years old. “This is how we train for football.”

The boy isn’t wearing running shoes. He appears to be running in sandals that barely stay on his feet.

“Daddy drives and you run. Get your little ass in shape,” the man says. “Come on! Faster, Yates!”

The man pans down to his speedometer.

“We’re going eight miles an hour,” he says. “Pick that shit up! Come on! Faster!”

“I’m going fast as I can,” the little boy says.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses. You want to play for the Texans or the Cowboys? You wanna play for the Cowboys you better pick that shit up.” When the boy stops and clutches his stomach, his father says, “Don’t stop! Run, boy!”

“My hip,” the boy says.

“I don’t care about no excuses. Run!” he says as the boy begins running up a driveway.

"OK, I've got him up to 10 now," his father says.

He drives the truck behind him.

“Run or I’m gonna run you over,” he says. “Better hurry up!”

The video has nearly one million views on WorldStarHipHop.

Sources: New York Daily News, CBS News


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