Father Faces Eviction: Fired For No High School Diploma

A Massachusetts community is coming together to help a father of five -- he's facing eviction after losing his job for not having a high school diploma.

“I can’t sleep good, I can’t sleep all night, you know,” Joao Alves told Fox 25. 

Joao Alves, the sole provider for his family, worked for more htan four years at the transfer station sorting recyclables. After the company, Covanta, stopped contracting jobs though another local company, they made having a high school diploma a requirement for all employees.

Alves, who grew up in Cape Verde, an island off the coast of Western Africa, never received a high school diploma, but says he would be willing to get his GED.

After abruptly losing his job, Alves had no means to pay his rent or to care for his family.  Alves and his family are facing eviction from their home.

The community of Braintree, Massachusetts was shocked to hear about what happened to Alves. Even the town’s mayor weighed in on the issue.

“I guess a little bit of disbelief,” Mayor Joseph Sullivan said. “It seems to me that this is a rather straightforward issue.”

Members of the community have come together in an attempt to help the Alves family. A GoFundMe page has been set up to take donations for the family.

Sources: Fox 25GoFundMe / Photo credit: Screenshot via Fox 25

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