Father Files Restraining Order Against 9-Year-Old School Bully


Stephen Feudner has taken action against a 9-year-old bully at his son’s school by filing a restraining order.

Feudner’s son, a fourth grader at Rolling Hills Elementary, was being bullied relentlessly by another student. He used the word ‘terrorized’ to describe the ordeal and said that the attacks on the playground were both physical and verbal.

"He came up and pushed me, I pushed him back and he punched me in the face and he said 'Haha, you got punched,'" the boy said. "He uses the n-word, b- word, the s-word many times.”

When Feudner found his complaints were being ignored by the school for months he went to court.

"He's attacked my son and other children," Feudner said. "I am trying to protect them from future attacks by this young man."

The restraining order was granted, but the school refuses to release the full name and address of the student due to privacy issues, reports KPIX 5. Without this information the order cannot be served. If it is not served within five days, it will become null and void.

The Solano County Sheriff’s department said this is the first order of its kind, where a restraining order was filed against a child, reports the Daily News.

The superintendent of the Fairfield-Suisun School District said “safety is their number one priority,”  but refused to comment on the case due to privacy issues.


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