Father Fatally Shoots Teenage Daughter’s Boyfriend During Argument


A 22-year-old man died late Thursday evening in Harris County, Texas, after an altercation between his teenage girlfriend and her parents got out of control.

The incident occurred at approximately 10:45p.m. as the girl and her boyfriend sought to leave her parents’ house together.

According to reports from local police, the 19-year-old told her parents she was running away with her boyfriend and proceeded to go outside to his car parked nearby. Believing that the man was armed, the girl's father grabbed a gun and followed the pair outside, along with the girl's mother.

It remains unclear what caused the argument, but following a short exchange, the father fired two shots, one of which struck the young man in the chest. The other hit the mother on the hand.

Although the man was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead. The mother was treated for minor injuries, while the father and daughter were unharmed in the incident.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the circumstances of the case, but by Friday, no arrest orders had been issued. Deputies were still trying to determine what had provoked the father to fire his gun.

The father told the police that he fired in self-defense. While two guns were found in the boyfriend’s car, deputies suggested they were BB guns that looked like real guns.

They have yet to reveal the identities of those involved in the tragic series of events.

A Daily Mail report suggested that there were tensions between the boyfriend and the daughter’s parents, stating that they “hated him.” However, no source for this information was given.

The case has been referred to the Harris County District Attorney’s office, with the possibility that it could be heard before a grand jury at a later date.

Sources: Chron.com, Daily Mail / Image courtesy of WikiCommons


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