Man On Trial For Kidnapping His Teenage Daughter's Rapist/Killer

A 76-year-old man is on trial after allegedly ordering the kidnapping of his daughter’s killer nearly 30 years after her death.

Andre Bamberski is on trial for allegedly ordering that Dr. Dieter Krombach, his deceased daughter’s stepfather and killer, be kidnapped in 2009.

In 1982, Bamberski’s then 15-year-old daughter Kalinka was drugged and raped by Krombach. Krombach did not intentionally kill the teen, but he wound up giving her too much of the drug he chose to knock her out with before raping her.

More than a decade later, in 1995, a French court found the doctor guilty of “intentional violence that lead to unintentional death” and sentenced him to 15 years in prison. In Germany, however, Krombach’s case was dismissed due to lack of evidence, and because he was in his native land at the time, German government officials refused to extradite him back to France to serve jail time.

In 2009, after years of attempting to avenge his daughter’s murder, Bamberski hired men to kidnap Krombach from Germany and bring him to France. Once he was in the country, Krombach was forced to start serving his 15-year sentence. Unfortunately for Bamberski, he faces serious charges for organizing the kidnapping.

"He acted that way to fulfill his duties as a father; he also acted so that justice could fulfill its duty,” said Bamberski’s lawyer Laurent de Caunes.

Bamberski faces up to 10 years in prison for kidnapping his daughter’s rapist and killer and bringing him to justice. His lawyer maintains that he should not be put in jail for helping to enforce the French court’s 1995 ruling.

In a separate case in 1997, Krombach had his medical license suspended for two years after he pleaded guilty to drugging and raping a 16-year-old girl in his office.

Sources: Montreal Gazette, CTV News, The Sydney Morning Herald


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