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Father, Daughter And Friend Sentenced After Retaliatory Attack For Rape Against Teen


A 16-year-old girl who claimed that a Riverside man raped her has been sentenced to four years’ probation and time served for a retaliatory attack on her assailant. The girl’s father, 36-year-old David Ray Mills, and a friend, 21-year-old Andrew Dickerson, were also charged in the attack on Miguel Esteban Cruz.

The father and daughter duo pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the attack on Cruz, during which Dickerson brutally beat the man with a baseball bat. Mills’ daughter was charged as an adult and Dickerson was sentenced to six years in prison, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

The three individuals were charged with the attack prior to the daughter’s accusation that Cruz had raped her. Those allegations came during the criminal proceedings against the girl, who claimed that she had passed out in Cruz’s bed after drinking vodka in his Temecula home and was subsequently sexually assaulted. Cruz ultimately pleaded guilty to sodomy with a minor, but he has not yet received his sentencing. 

As a result of the attack, Cruz suffered skull fractures and several other serious injuries. Dickerson hit Cruz several times with a baseball bat, smashed his car windows and left him lying in a local park, where Cruz had arranged to meet the girl.

Although the girl, her father and Dickerson were initially charged with attempted murder, mayhem and vandalism, the charges were dropped after a plea agreement was met. 

“We believe the pleas and sentences in this case reflect what would have happened had the case proceeded to trial,” Riverside County District Attorney spokesman John Hall said regarding the plea agreement.  

Sources: CBS News, Riverside Press-Enterprise


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