Father Charged With Murder Of Daughter He Beat As An Infant


A Tennessee man was charged with first-degree murder Monday for beating his daughter to death 22 years ago, causing her to be disabled for the majority of her life.

Anthony Shannon Lane, 41, was already serving a 25-year sentence for abusing his young son at the time that an autopsy of his daughter Amanda Lane-Woodall revealed the effects of his other beatings. Lane attacked Amanda when she was just 5 weeks old, severely injuring her. As a result, Amanda was blind, bedridden and unable to eat on her own for most of her life until she died last year at age 22, according to the Daily News.

When the autopsy results came out, medical examiners confirmed that Lane’s beatings had not only severely damaged Amanda, but had led to her young death, according to the Tennessean.

Lane was released from a 10-year sentence for originally beating Amanda in 1992. Soon after, he attacked his infant son Ryan, who also has severe disabilities now, including epilepsy and blindness. For this attack, he was sentenced to more time in jail in 2003.

Nancy Woodall-Holmes cared for Amanda for years, tending to her disabilities and eventually adopting her.

"She was such a treasure," Woodall-Holmes told KITV-TV.

Woodall-Holmes said that Amanda and Ryan made a connection during a physical therapy exercise they practiced together once.

"She and Ryan had their wheelchairs next to each other, and their hands touched," Woodall-Holmes said.

Lane is due in court for a hearing on July 18.

Sources: Daily News, The Tennessean, KITV-TV


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