Father Banned From School Property For Wearing Empty Gun Holster

Connecticut resident Gregory Buonincontri caused quite a stir last week when he wore a gun holster as he dropped his daughter off at school.

When Buonincontri arrived at the school, people saw the holster and feared he may have been carrying a gun, the Fairfield Citizen reports. Since bringing a gun on school property in Connecticut is illegal, police were called. Police arrived and confirmed that the holster was empty. Buonincontri’s car was searched, since having a gun in the car while at the school would have been illegal as well, but no gun was found.

Given the scene the holster caused, police asked Buonincontri not to wear it next time he came to the school. When he returned to drop something off for his daughter later that day, he was again wearing the holster. Someone called police to the school, but Buonincontri left before officers arrived. Police then paid him a visit at his house.

When Buonincontri answered the door, the holster was still on his waist. This time there was a gun in it. Buonincontri explained to police that he didn’t have the gun on him when he was at the school. He’d left it in a safe at his house. Due to the commotion he twice caused at the school, police handed him a breach of peace citation. He was ordered to appear in court on September 15.

The citation isn’t the only thing police handed Buonincontri. They also delivered a letter from school district Superintendent David Title banning him from all school properties in the district. 

As Connecticut attorney Mark Sherman notes, breach of peace is a "catch-all" charge used in Connecticut when authorities want to hold someone accountable for disruptive behavior that isn't explicitly illegal. 

Sources: Fairfield Citizen, Mark Sherman Law


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