Father Catches Heat For Issuing Creative Punishment To His Son


A Detroit father ignited a custody battle after getting creative with a punishment for his four-year-old son.

The father, Rob Devine, made his son stand on the corner of a busy intersection for an hour holding a sign saying “I hit little girls.” Devine ordered the punishment for his son after he learned the child was harassing girls at school.

Devine may have thought he was just teaching his son a lesson, but Brittany Tweed, the child’s mother, felt otherwise. She called child protective services after learning of the punishment and says Devine put their son in a dangerous and humiliating situation. Tweed says their son, Tristan, will not stay with Devine until the issue is resolved.

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“I feel degraded for him, I feel sad for him,” Tweed told WXYZ. "I think it’s sad for a four year old to have to go on one of the busiest intersections holding a sign. Rob has had issues in his life, and no one put him out on the street and made him use a sign.”

Tweed says Tristan is too young to understand Devine’s punishment. She is now seeking full custody of the child. 

“All [Tristan] knew was that he was hot, exhausted, and he wanted him to pick him up," Tweed said, "And for me to take him away from that situation.”

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(via MailOnline)

Devine, on the other hand, expresses no remorse over his decision. He says he would do the same thing again if given the chance.

“I want him to know you can’t go out and do these things and expect them to go away unnoticed and expect me not to deal with it,” Devine argues. "I’d do it again honestly. I’m not gonna lie, if this persists and this doesn’t work, then I’ll figure out something else. It’s trial and error, kids don’t come with an instruction manual.”

Sources: WXYZ, MailOnline


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