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Father Blinds 9-Month-Old Baby Girl With Chopstick (Photo)

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A 9-month-old baby girl was blinded in one eye after her father reportedly stabbed her with a chopstick. The family resided in rural Henan, located in central China.

The girl lives with her grandmother Feng Fulan, who the entire family relies on to grow crops, since the baby’s mother Zheng Ni is disabled, the Daily Mail reports. As a result, the family is struggling to make money, so when Fulan left in the morning to borrow a neighbor’s farming tools, a financial dispute began between the family members.

“I went out to borrow some stuff,” Fulan recalled, “then it happened.”

Shi Honglei, 9-month-old Shi Qianxuan’s father, who suffers from schizophrenia, began arguing about money. The argument escalated until Shi Honglei, the father of 9-month-old Shi Qianxuan, allegedly stabbed his daughter in her left eye. Qianxuan’s left eye nearly fell out of its socket and eyelid when Fulan found her, according to the Daily Mail.

Although Qianxuan was rushed to the hospital, there was no way to save her eye. The baby girl is currently undergoing plastic surgery at the Henen People’s Hospital, though the family cannot afford the $479 bill. The family hopes to raise funds for the bill with the help of their village.

Honglei suffers from schizophrenia and is being held at a psychiatric hospital, according to local reports.

Police are reportedly investigating the incident.

Sources: DailyMail, USA-UK Online

Photo Credit: USA-UK Online


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