Father Blames Bullies For 12-Year-Old Daughter's Suicide

Amber Rose Caudel, 12, reportedly killed herself last Thursday. Her father, Scott Caudel, blamed rampant bullying at Evergreen Middle School in Everett, Washington. 

"On the inside she was broken down, but she kept such a game face to let everybody know she was fine and happy,” Scott told King 5. The day Amber died, she was told she would have to repeat seventh grade if her academic performance didn’t improve. Scott blames his daughter’s poor grades on bullying.

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"Amber wanted to be popular, Amber wanted to be one of those kids that everybody wanted to be with," Scott said. "It doesn't matter if you knock their books out of their hand, or give them a dirty look, or call them a name, it hurts. It hurts.

“I'm sorry but a 12-year-old child that's never been with somebody is not a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore,'” her oldest sister, Kathleen Toscano tearfully told KIRO-TV. “It is terrible that other children think that it is OK to call them that.”

The Everett Police Department is investigating Amber’s death. Though Scott reportedly told the school about the bullying twice, no one helped.

“I'm not mad at one person. I'm not mad at Evergreen Middle School, I'm mad at the system,” he told KIRO-TV.

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Everett School District spokeswoman Mary Waggoner said, “I cannot imagine that anybody at this school or another one, hearing about that would not rush to do something to help.”

On Monday, students walked out of school in an anti-bullying rally to commemorate their fellow student. They were not punished for leaving.

Sources: Fox 5 San Antonio, KIRO, KING 5, USA Today

Image via KING 5, Daily Mail


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