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Father Of 'Baby Doe': Child Was Conceived In Occupy Boston Tent, Mother Not Responsible For Murder

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The father of “Baby Doe,” 2-year-old Bella Bond, revealed during an interview that his daughter was conceived in a tent at Occupy Boston, and that he believes the girl’s mother to be innocent in her death.

Joseph Amoroso told reporters that he and Rachelle Bond conceived baby Bella in an Occupy Boston tent after meeting. Amoroso later broke the relationship off after discovering she’d been arrested for prostitution.

According to Amoroso, 40-year-old Rachelle told him her boyfriend — 35-year-old Michael McCarthy — fatally injured their baby by punching her in the stomach repeatedly. Amoroso said he fully believes that Rachelle had nothing to do with the murder.

“I know with all my heart that Rachelle Bond would never, ever do anything to hurt anybody,” he said. “I was with the woman. This is the mother of my child."

According to a tipster who provided information leading to McCarthy and Rachelle’s arrests, McCarthy killed Bella because he “supposedly thought the child had demons in her.”

Speaking to the Boston Herald, Amoroso maintained that Rachelle was innocent in her daughter’s death. 

“She told me the whole story,” he said. “She was very emotional, sincere through the whole thing, and I believe her. I believe her — that it was this man who murdered our daughter, murdered a two-year-old.”

Bella’s body was found in Boston on June 25 by a woman walking her dog, and a composite image of the girl immediately went viral — being shared by thousands nationwide. Police conducted a months-long investigation, ultimately leading to identification and the arrests of McCarthy and Rachelle.

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