Father Arrested For Allegedly Leaving Kids In Car To Watch Football


Officials arrested a Pennsylvania father for allegedly leaving his young children in a freezing car to watch football Jan. 16.

James Grusofski, 33, is also accused of driving home unaware that one of his sons – whose ages are 9-months-old, 4, and 7 – was missing, the New York Daily News reports.

Police discovered the children's situation after finding a 4-year-old boy wandering around in 30 degree temperatures without his coat, shoes or socks on.

After Grusofski’s mother and grandmother reported the child missing, the man went to the police station.

While there, he reportedly confessed that he had been drinking and, after authorities said they would charge him, allegedly tried to punch a police officer in the face.

Police said that had to use a Taser to restrain the allegedly inebriated father and take him into custody.

Grusofski is currently being evaluated at a hospital.

He faces charges of aggravated assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, in addition to endangering the welfare of children.

Neighbors of the family found the behavior shocking, KDKA reports.

“It is very surprising this would happen,” Renee Scholato told the news station. “They were always outside with their children, and they always do things with their children when he’s off work. I see them in the backyard.”

“I think it was too much partying and that’s about it, because they seem like a nice family,” Scholato added.

This is not the first time this month that a parent has left a child alone in a freezing car.

In Rhode Island, police found a baby sitting alone for 10 minutes in the backseat of car parked at a shopping outlet, reports NBC.

"The baby was in a snowsuit and was actually sweating profusely in the snowsuit," Deputy Chief Bill McGrath said, according to the news station.

"The mother, we believe, loves her baby and had no ill will or intent to harm the baby," McGrath added. "But it's something that's unacceptable and we can't simply walk away from."

While the mother, Yao Liu, was not arrested, she has been charged with child endangerment – a misdemeanor. 

Sources: New York Daily NewsKDKANBC / Photo Credit: Facebook via New York Daily News

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