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Dad Accused Of Beating 4-Month-Old Son To Death

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A 4-month-old baby in Kentucky died on Aug. 8 after he was removed from life support after his father allegedly beat him.

Daniel Cox of Radcliff, Kentucky, now faces a murder charge after he reportedly beat his son, Jayceon Chrystie, while he was driving to the boy’s mother’s house.

Family members hope Cox receives the maximum punishment for his alleged deeds, reports WLKY.

“You just can't imagine someone beating a child like that while they are driving,” witness Dena Stevenson told WLKY.

Stevenson said she was driving behind Cox on Aug. 6 with her family when she saw him abusing the boy.

"He would hit the child. Turn around and bounce to his music. Twist his hat and hit the child again," Stevenson said. “He was hitting hard, swinging hard and, you know … he was literally hitting the baby in his head or chest or something.”

Stevenson called 911 to report the abuse.

Cox reportedly dropped the boy off in the driveway of the mom’s home. The baby was not breathing at the time and did not have a pulse, reports WLKY.

According to medical officials, the boy’s left eye was swollen shut and his head was swelling. There were also bruises on his buttocks and back.

Cox has since been arrested and charged with child abuse as well as murder.

A judge set his bail at $600,000.

Source: WLKY, The Courier-Journal / Photo credit: Hardin County Detention Center via WDRB


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