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Father Arrested And Charged For Spanking Young Son

A 39-year-old father was arrested and is facing felony assault charges for allegedly spanking his six-year-old child.

According to The Inquisitr, Jeffrey Lamphear of Queensbury, New York, says that the spanking was only done in punishment and admitted to police that he possibly spanked the child too hard. Police were initially called when the child’s mother reportedly discovered bruising and welts on the young boy’s buttocks.

Although the child was not seriously injured, Lamphear was arrested and is now facing charges of felony assault due to the difference in age between the two.

The story has brought out strong reactions in people, with many criticizing the decision to charge Lamphear for disciplining his child.

“This story is ridiculous! Felony I think not,” one commenter noted. “Spanking a child is up to the parent not the cops or our legal system. Sounds like the mom is out for revenge on her former lover. If he does not have a record and this is the first time and the child has no other welts or black and blue marks case closed. He’s 6 I’m sure he can tell what’s going on.”

Do you think Lamphear went too far with his decision to discipline his son?

Sources:The Inquisitr, WNYT / Photo Source: WNYT


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