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Dad Arrested After Son Shoots Himself To Death

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On Dec. 18, police arrested a father in Florida on a negligence charge after his 5-year-old son shot himself to death with a handgun.

In October, Jamal Daniel Todman, 34, left  5-year-old Judah Todman in the car momentarily while he picked up his other 3-year-old son from a day care in Orlando, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

While waiting for his return, the child reportedly reached into the unlocked glove box where he found the loaded gun and pulled it out.

It accidentally went off. When Jamal came back, he found his bloody son slumped over and rushed him to the hospital. Judah was pronounced dead at the hospital.

When questioned by authorities, Jamal explained the gun was registered to his wife. They stored it in the glove box, which he normally locked.

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Jamal now faces charges of negligent storage of a firearm. As he was previously convicted in 2005 of felony possession of a firearm, he also faces an additional charge.

The father has since posted bail and was released from the Orange County Jail.

It's just one of the many times a child has harmed himself after playing with a parent's gun.

On Dec. 20, Chicago police arrested Kavan Collins, 25, after his 5-year-old son shot himself in the hand, reports The Associated Press.

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While the child is now recovering, his father faces several felony gun charges and six misdemeanor counts of child endangerment.

Only a few weeks before in Wisconsin, Elroy Police Chief Tony Green's 3-year-old son shot himself with his father's gun, WMTV reports.

It is not clear whether the gun was Green’s service firearm or a personal gun, reports Juneau County Star-Times.

The child survived and recovered from his wounds.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating the incident further.

Green was previously reprimanded after he went to a party where underage girls were reportedly served alcohol. As a result, he was placed on administrative leave for two months in 2015, reports WKBT-TV.

"Tony [Green] was involved in a drinking game while the other girls who were underage were drinking as well," investigators said.

According to a study published in the medical journal Pediatrics in June, gunshot wounds are now the third leading cause of childhood deaths in the U.S., with an average of 1,300 children dying from gunshot wounds each year. At 74 percent, the majority of those deaths are self-inflicted.

"Firearm injuries are an important public health problem, contributing substantially to premature death and disability of children," the study concludes. "Understanding their nature and impact is a first step toward prevention."

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