Parents Reportedly Gave Their Baby Crystal Meth To Stop His Crying


Two parents will likely spend a long time behind bars after they gave their infant son crystal meth to silence his crying. The meth damaged the infant’s brain so severely that the child has been declared clinically dead.

Parents Miroslav and Silvia Strnadova rushed their baby to the hospital after the meth knocked him unconscious. The parents didn’t initially admit they’d given their son meth, but high levels of the drug were detected in the infant’s bloodstream.

"They came into the waiting room with the unconscious baby in a pram and demanded to see a doctor,” a representative from the Slovak hospital told Mirror. "When we carried out checks it became apparent the child was in a critical state and had been given a strong dosage of drugs."

Head doctor Anna Moracikova told Mirror the child is being kept alive with life support.

"The child's brain is severely damaged and he is clinically dead,” Dr. Moracikova said. "His chances of survival are minimal and he is being kept alive by a life support machine.”

The Strnadova’s neighbors said the news is hardly surprising. Miroslav is apparently known as a meth cook in the surrounding community.

Neighbor Jana Trznikova doesn’t think the Strnadova’s should have been able to keep their child even before this incident.

"Really weird people kept going to their apartment,” Trznikova said. "I always worried about letting my children play outside because you never knew what would happen… they never should have been allowed to keep that poor baby.”

A police spokesperson says Miroslav is in police custody. Both parents were reportedly arrested initially. 

"The man admitted giving the baby the meth in order to stop him crying,” the spokesperson told Mirror. "He has been arrested for neglect and for causing harm to a minor. That may change if the child dies. He is in custody, while the woman has for the time being been released. We are still investigating her for failing to stop her partner giving the child the drug."

Somehow, the Strnadovas aren't the only parents in the news for exposing their kids to meth. Sarah Ann Mills of Kosciusko, Mississippi was arrested earlier this month after she gave birth to a child while high on meth. Police say the baby had high levels of the drug in her system at birth. 

Sources: Mirror, WNDU

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