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Father Arrested After Dragging Son Across Street On Leash, Tying Him To Tree

Two Salt Lake City, Utah men were arrested Sunday after witnesses saw the men dragging a boy across the road and tying him to a tree. One of the men, Richard Marsh, is the child’s father. Police say the men tied the boy up so they could smoke marijuana undisturbed.

"The child was wearing one of those backpack harnesses, the kind you can attach a leash to," Salt Lake City Police Officer Greg Wilking said.

Witnesses say the child tripped at one point, and the men continued walking across the road while dragging the child behind.

Police rushed to the scene after witnesses reported the incident. They found marijuana and a pipe nearby as they questioned the men. Both Marsh and friend Paul Rapp were arrested shortly after.

When Salt Lake City news station KUTV went to Marsh’s house to dig up more information, they stumbled into a party. After the KUTV crew identified themselves, Marsh’s brother came to the door fully clad in lingerie. He appeared flustered, to say the least. He said Marsh routinely ties his son up to prevent him from running away.

"I know why he chained him to a tree," brother Johnny Phillips said. "It's something he does, like when we go fishing and stuff because the kid has a tendency of going all over the place. Last time, I had to save him from going into the river.”

Nevertheless, Phillips insisted Marsh is a good father.

“He’s a damn good dad,” he said. “He cares about his kid.”

Sources: KUTV, Mail Online


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