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Father Arrested After Child Left In Hot Car For 16 Hours Dies

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A father in Baltimore, Maryland, was arrested and charged after his 2-year-old daughter, whom he left in a hot car for 16 hours, died.

The Baltimore Sun reports, 31-year-old Wilbert Carter had been drinking the day before his daughter was found, and returned home around 7 a.m. with his daughter, Leasia, in the car. Carter, who claimed not to remember returning home, woke up the next day around 4 p.m.

He asked his mother and aunt where Leasia was, and they said they were under the impression that she was with his sister. A short while later, Carter went to his car and discovered Leasia strapped inside. She was not breathing.

“Right now, we know that the child was inside of that vehicle sometime (Sunday), but for certain we know that the child was left there all day (Monday). Of course with the temps and everything I'm pretty sure that the child cannot survive in that type of condition,” Baltimore police Maj. Stanley Brandford told reporters.

Authorities said at the time Leasia was removed from the car, she’d been locked in with the windows closed for 16 hours. She suffered second-degree burns from the heat and it was almost 90 degrees outside, reported The Baltimore Sun.

Carter was arrested on June 23, the day his daughter was found, and charged with second-degree murder and child abuse. He reportedly had sole legal custody of his daughter at the time of her death. 

Sources: WBAL, The Baltimore Sun

Photo Credit: Baltimore City Police Department via WBAL


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