Washington Father And Son Duo Tackle, Tie Up Burglar

An alleged thief got more than he expected when he attempted to burglarize a home in Olympia, Washington, and was instead tied up by the courageous father and son duo who walked in on him.

John Ashton Sr. and his son, John Ashton Jr., were reportedly returning home to their apartment from running errands when they noticed the front door was open. They entered their house and were shocked to find the allleged burglar exiting from a bedroom -- and he was equally as surprised to see them.

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"And I turn that corner and (the burglar)’s standing right in the bedroom," John Ashton, Jr. told KOMO. "And his eyes light up. Bing!"

Ashton Sr. says his son called over his shoulder that the burglar was still there and the two began to tackle him to the ground. The suspect, who has been identified as 37-year-old Tyrone Porter, reportedly apologized to the victims after they managed to tie up his legs with a sweater and shoelaces and tie his hands behind his back. 

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"He would give anything -- money, give everything, 'just don’t call the cops' because he’s 'going to go away for 20 years,'" Ashton Jr. said.

As police took Porter away, he reportedly looked up at the father and son and said, "Man, I screwed up," reports the Daily Mail.

Porter has reportedly been booked into the Thurston County jail. The Ashtons were able to get back their stolen items, which were hidden in the building's laundry room.

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Sources: KOMO, Daily Mail/Photo Credit: Olympia Police Department via Daily Mail


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