Father And Son Convicted Of Murdering Their Family Member's Alleged Rapist


An 18-year-old man identified as Akram Y. admitted in a German court he ambushed his sister’s alleged rapist and killed him with the help of his father.

The teen was 17 in June 2014 when he stabbed the 27-year-old man 23 times in the town of Neuenburg am Rhein in Germany's Freiburg state, The Associated Press reported. 

The trial commenced in April, but on Dec. 7, Akram Y., who was tried as a juvenile, was sentenced to eight years in prison. Akram’s father, identified as 48-year-old Moustapha Y., was sentenced to life in prison.

Two accomplices, who were 19 and 21 when the trial started, were convicted of bodily injury resulting in death, according to The Malaysian Sun Daily. It’s unclear what their sentences were or if they were related to the father-son duo convicted in the case.

Sources: AP via U.S. News & World Report, The Malaysian Sun Daily / Photo credit: Daniel X. O'Neil/Flickr

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