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Man, Son Arrested For Smuggling Trump-Shaped Ecstasy (Photos)

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Man, Son Arrested For Smuggling Trump-Shaped Ecstasy (Photos) Promo Image

German police found 5,000 ecstasy pills shaped like the face of U.S. President Donald Trump during a routine traffic stop.

A 51-year-old man and his 17-year-old son were stopped by German police on a local highway during a routine traffic check, but when the officers did a search of the vehicle they found thousands of ecstasy pills, according to Newsweek.

The strange part, though, was that the pills were pressed to resemble Trump's face, complete with his iconic sweeping hair. "TRUMP" was also emblazoned on the back of the pills, just below a string of five stars.

"In the control of the car, the officials found 5000 Ecstasy Tablets, with the portrait of the American President Donald J. Trump. In addition, a large amount of cash has also been secured,” read a statement from local police, according to NBC News.

The man and his son were taken into custody after the drugs were seized, which officials believed to have a street value of somewhere near $46,000, according to HuffPost. The father was driving a vehicle with Austrian registration and told police he was traveling from Netherlands to Hanover. Police suspected the drugs were of Dutch origin.

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Newsweek reported that the Trump-shaped pills had appeared in the U.K. before, sometimes as ecstasy and sometimes as other various illegal street drugs. Police are attempting to track down the source of the drugs, which they believe to have originated from Amsterdam, as they are on the high-risk end of the U.N.'s addictive substances list.

The pills have also emerged on the "dark web," a place for sales of illegal items and other criminal activity often takes place. These specific pills have popped up with the Trump-inspired slogan, "Trump makes partying great again."

Ecstasy is one of the more common recreational drugs around the world but remains highly illegal. Smugglers often find creative ways to move drugs into desired areas, most recently using a pigeon to send 200 pills into a city in Kuwait.

Authorities captured a drug-smuggling pigeon and found 200 ecstasy tablets stashed inside a tiny backpack fitted onto the bird, according to the Daily Mail. The pigeon began its route in Iraq with a final destination of Kuwait.

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Two Pennsylvania men were arrested during a traffic stop after local police found 11 pounds of ecstasy inside a box in the backseat of their minivan, according to WPMT.

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