Father and Daughter Reunited Fighting ISIS


Pervin Kobani, 19, was a farmer’s daughter when she decided to fight the terrorist group known as Islamic State, or ISIS. She has now been reunited with her father on the battlefront.

Pervin is a Kurdish fighter defending the city of Kobane, Syria. She, along with other female soldiers, is part of a team holding on the eastern front and is regularly attacked by ISIS. After months of being unable to contact her family, she ran into her father, Farouk, in Kobane; after Pervin left home, he decided to take up arms against ISIS. 

“Honestly when I heard my father is fighting on the western front with the [male Kurdish forces] I was so proud of him, and it made me want to fight more,” Pervin said. Though Pervin added her father is now first and foremost her comrade in arms, she still hugs him like a beloved parent. 

“I didn't really have any other ambitions [besides fighting],” Pervin said.“I just wanted to live a free life, as a woman, (to) be able to see our reality, and have our rights and just live.”

ISIS is deeply conservative and often considered oppressive towards women, enforcing Sharia Law in the territories it captures.

“We must save our love for Apo, and Kurdistan and our martyrs,” she said, referencing the Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has been fighting Turkey for Kurdish autonomy.

Pervin recently visited her father on the western front of Kobane. Despite their generational difference, Pervin is more experienced in this war. She has been a member of the all-female Kurdish fighter units for the last two years, and her father joined the battle in mid-September.

“We won't allow the terrorist groups in until the last drop of our blood,” Pervin said. 

Sources: Daily Mail / Image via WikiCommons


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