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Father, Daughter Removed From Flight For Complaints (Photos)

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A father and daughter were removed from a flight after they were allegedly overheard complaining about the flight experience.

Eric Miller, 70, and his daughter Whitney, 25, were removed from a Frontier Airlines flight on Aug. 16 after they were overheard saying the flight attendants looked "miserable," in addition to complaining about their flight's delays, according to Daily Mail.

Eric and Whitney state they were having a private conversation about the day's frustrations, but Frontier flight crews said the two were shouting obscenities at crew members, prompting their removal from the plane. Other passengers reportedly clapped as the Millers were escorted off.

Whitney said neither she nor her father noticed a flight attendant sitting directly behind them as they talked about the issues, according to WKMG. Both Eric and Whitney said that while they had been complaining, they did not direct their disparaging comments at any specific crew member.

"'Do you have a problem? Do you want to be removed from the aircraft?'" Whitney remembers the flight crew as asking.

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"We responded: 'No. We didn't know what was going on, what's happening. Please tell us what's happening,'" she said.

Frontier released a statement regarding the incident with the Millers, noting that their behavior "interfered" with the comfort and safety of other passengers and required immediate removal.

"The behaviors and comments exhibited by these passengers prior to departure were inappropriate; and as a result they were asked to leave our aircraft," read the statement. "Safety and security of our passengers and crew is our number one priority."

Whitney then posted to Facebook, describing the evening's events.

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"My father and I were having a private conversation regarding the awful travel experience and customer service we were experiencing and happen to be overheard by a flight attendant," she wrote, according to Daily Mail. "This flight attendant reported us to her supervisor who then approached us stating they felt threatened by us, leading to our removal from the aircraft."

The incident was captured via cellphone camera by another passenger, who commented on Whitney's post to side with the Millers on the issue.

"Frontier is on my dislike list," she wrote. "These poor people did not deserve this at all! A stewardess felt threatened after 'overhearing' a conversation between this daughter and father just trying to get back after we all sat for a 9 hour delay!"

Frontier Airlines is a budget airline carrier based in Denver, Colorado.

Sources: Daily Mail, WKMG / Featured Image: Tomas Del Coro/Flickr / Embedded Images: Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

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