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Father and Daughter Commit Suicide Together by Jumping off Missouri Bridge

A daughter and father killed themselves together with their pet Chihuahua by jumping off a bridge in Missouri Tuesday.

Their names have not yet been released, but the father was believed to be in his 50s and his daughter was 29 years old. The woman's mother said she suffered from depression but seemed fine in recent months. She also said her ex-husband suffered from depression.

The two lived together at a mobile home in Peculiar before they jumped from the brig hand-in-hand while carrying the tiny dog in a blanket. They plummeted 120 feet into the water, but their bodies have not been recovered.

The woman's mother said that she was shocked by the suicides, as her ex-husband had helped the daughter through her depression.

"This has literally blown me away," she said. "I'm just numb."

She said that her daughter, who was thin and six-feet tall, wanted to be a model, but they were unable to get her a portfolio due to financial problems.

Her friends said she had many different jobs after high school, but she quit them when co-workers teased her. Another friend said that the woman did not learn things as quickly as other people.

Eventually, she found that she was very good at baby sitting. She was happy for some time with that job, but around a year and a half ago, she had a "dark period" where she talked about suicide.

"I tried to talk her out of it," friend Ryan Wheale said. "But she wouldn't change her mind. She seemed at peace with it."

After the dark period, she cut out many of her friends and began medication.

Her mother said she thought her daughter was improving as she was planning fundraising events for the summer and told her she would start talking to her more through Skype.

"She didn't seem to be in that state of mind, not when she's texting about doing something that she thought would be so fun," she said. "There's no note. No nothing. I'm lost."

Officials have called off the search for the two. Witnesses said they saw them get out of the truck, climb over the railing and jump into the water.

Police said witnesses thought she was holding a baby, but it was more likely that it was the family's dog, Skeeter.

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