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Father And Daughter Charged After Having Baby Together

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A North Carolina man and his daughter were charged with incest after it was revealed that they had a baby together and were planning to get married.

Steven and Katie Pladl were arrested at their Knightdale, North Carolina, home on Jan. 27 after the 20-year-old's biological mother reportedly revealed to authorities that her daughter was pregnant and her husband was the father.

Katie was adopted out state at birth, and reached out to her biological parents when she turned 18. She moved in with them and their other two children in August of 2016, and the parents legally separated three months later.

That same month, the wife said, her husband began sleeping on the floor of his daughter's bedroom. She learned of her daughter's pregnancy in May of 2017 after reading her other child's journal.

The estranged wife contacted her husband, who admitted the pregnancy and revealed that he was the father. He also informed his wife that he and his daughter had plans to get married. Steven's two other children were reportedly instructed to refer to their sister as their step-mom, WTVD reported.

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The baby was born in September 2017 and was with the parents at the time of their arrest.

Both Steven and Katie were arrested and held on $1 million bond. The father was bailed out of jail but Katie remained behind bars.

In a similar incident, a Rockwall County, Texas, man was arrested and charged along with his wife for selling a 14-year-old girl to a family for sex. Steve Marks and Lila Miller were charged with purchasing or selling a child for sex after they reportedly negotiated and sold the child to an Illinois family knowing that she would be exploited for sex.

The family planned for the teen to be "in a common-law marriage to a male subject believed to be about three years older," according to a police report, Dallas News reported.

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Steve's parents, Davey and Dorthy Marks, were also charged in the crime for assisting in harboring the child during police interviews. A fifth person, Miller Marks, reportedly left the house with the child while police were on their way. The teen was able to get away and call 911 at a nearby McDonald's.

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Steve Marks ultimately denied the accusations against him, saying that anyone who would sell a child for sex needed to be "put away for the rest of their life."

The Illinois family had only paid a portion of the agreed-upon $17,500 when the arrests were made.

Sources: WTVD, Dallas News / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: WTVD, Rockwall County Sheriff's Office via Dallas News

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