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Father Allegedly Beat 3-Week-Old Son At Hospital Where He Was Admitted After Previous Attack

A British father allegedly beat his infant son in the hospital after the boy was admitted for injuries he sustained from a previous violent attack.

At less than three weeks old the baby was admitted to Rotherham District Hospital in South Yorkshire in December for severe head injuries and “forceful shaking.” He was initially treated for an infection when a scan showed a brain hemorrhage and other injuries.

While he was still in the hospital four weeks later, his father allegedly attacked him again, causing extensive bruising, the Daily Mail reports.

A Sheffield Family Court judge banned the man from seeing his son, ruling this week that he poses “a very real risk” to the boy.

Although his father says he dropped the child accidentally, Judge Annabel Carr QC rejected the claim.

"I reject entirely F's explanation for what occurred on 21 January and it strengthens the fact that I am satisfied well beyond the balance of probability that the injuries inflicted on 18 December could only have been caused by F, just as it is accepted that the injuries seen on 21 January occurred whilst [the child] was in F's sole care and could only have been caused by him,” Carr said in the ruling, BBC News reports.

The judge said doctors were “deeply suspicious” of both sets of injuries the child sustained. Carr called the father’s evidence “neither credible nor reliable.”

She ruled that the father failed to tell the boy’s mother or anyone else that the child was initially injured because he hoped to cover up the damage he caused.

"Any contact, supervised or otherwise, in the immediate future [poses] a very real risk and danger,” Carr ruled.

Rotherham Borough Council also launched an investigation and found that the child’s mother is a “concerned and love parent” who is capable of caring for the baby herself.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC News

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / digital cat, Wikipedia


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