'I Was Pretty Annoyed': Father Admits To Fatally Throwing 6-Week-Old Baby Across The Room


David Redmond of Vancouver, Washington, is being held on $750,000 bail after admitting to the murder Everett Redmond, his six-week old baby.

Redmond told the court during a Monday hearing that he returned home from work on Oct. 15 to find the child crying and fussy. In an attempt to get the baby to cease crying, Redmond allegedly tossed the child nine feet in the air in the direction of a changing table. Everett’s head hit the edge of the wooden railing, causing him to let out “a really intense yell,” according to court documents obtained by KGW-TV.

“I threw him pretty hard,” Redmond told detectives during his documented confession. “I was pretty annoyed.”

Redman further admitted to abusing the child between two and three times a week for the duration of the child’s six week life. Everett was born 3 lbs. and 14 ounces, but according to a police statement, that didn’t stop him from abusing the child.

According to Redmond’s confession, the abuse towards Everett included holding the baby's mouth shut to stop him from crying, throwing the child against the couch and spanking the baby until the point of mass bruising. Everett weighted only 6 lbs. at the time of his death.

Redmond dawned an expressionless face and a green “suicide smock” while at his hearing on Monday. According to Deputy Prosecutor Patrick Robinson, Redmond “indicated he wants to die.”

Initially Redmond lied to authorities, telling them that he had “rolled over on the child during a nap.” Autopsy reports found a large skull fracture and hemorrhaging in the child’s eyes, which are injuries consistent with blunt force trauma deaths. Redman confessed after suspicions from detectives were raised.

Redmond’s mother, Jennifer Redmond, was quick to defend her son on social media writing, “Our son out of exhaustion hurt our baby grandson. The baby died. Our son is not the monster that the news station and papers would like you to believe.”

The family’s pastor, Glen Johnson, spoke to The Columbian about Redmond’s wife, Ashley, saying she “is just totally blindsided by this, she can’t even believe this has happened.”

Johnson went on to tell the paper, “We are concerned with getting Ashley healed. We are trying to love on Ashley and get her through this experience. It’s probably the worst thing a human can experience, and she is going through it.”

Authorities have yet to comment on Ashley’s knowledge of the abuse that allegedly spanned six weeks.

Sources: New York Daily News, KGW-TV, The Columbian


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