Father Admits He Allowed 2-Year-Old Son To Smoke Marijuana


Lucas Keith Wilson allegedly allowed his 2-year-old son to smoke marijuana, and is now facing felony and misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child.

Wilson and his pregnant girlfriend Camilla Rose Samuels reportedly started drinking and doing marijuana and methamphetamines in January 2013. They did this in the presence of Wilson’s 2-year-old son, reports The Blaze.

Wilson tested positive for drugs and was evicted from their home when Samuels was in her second trimester. They moved to Washington state, where they allegedly continued using marijuana and meth.

They lived in a tent at the Sunrise campground.

Samuels’ mother soon discovered video on her daughter’s iPhone showing Wilson’s 2-year-old son putting a marijuana pipe in his mouth, reports ABC News.

It is unclear whether he ingested any drugs.

The couple admitted to allowing the boy to smoke marijuana five times since August 2013.

Wilson said his son would “get mellower” after smoking marijuana.  He claims he does not know why he let him smoke marijuana and that it was “a pretty stupid thing to permit.”

Wilson and Samuels’ baby tested positive for marijuana and meth when he was born. They have admitted to smoking marijuana outside of the hospital while awaiting the birth of their child.

Wilson is being held on a $50,000 bond. A warrant has not been issued for Samuel’s.  

Where Wilson’s sons are now is unknown.


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