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Father Addicted To Video Games Lets 2-Year-Old Son Starve To Death (Video)

A 22-year-old father in South Korea is accused of letting his 2-year-old son starve while he played video games then leaving the body for a month after he discovered the boy’s death.

The unemployed father, whose surname is Chung, left his toddler home alone for more than two works while he played video games at an Internet cafe, only coming home to feed his son once every three days.

Police say, when he returned home on March 7, the little boy was dead.

Chung allegedly left the body in his home for a month before putting it into a suitcase.

Surveillance footage shows him carrying the suitcase from his apartment into the elevator in his apartment building.

Chung allegedly left the suitcase in a garden near the southeastern city of Daegu and reported the toddler missing.

He was arrested on suspicion after the bag was discovered.

South Korea’s conservative party is currently pushing for new legislation that classifies online gaming as potentially addictive like drugs and alcohol.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Times


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