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Fat-Shaming Tweet From ByPost Asks Heavy People To Cover Up, But Also Use Their App

ByPost, makers of the smartphone app that lets users make postcards out of their digital photos, posted a body-shaming tweet on Monday that said, “During this heatwave, please kindly dress according to the body you have rather than the one you aspire to. And send lots of postcards.”

The post was promptly deleted, but it did not go unnoticed. It has elicited everything from disappointed sighs to all-out disgust.

“Well, @bypost certainly win today's ‘Ill advised corporate tweet of the day’ award,” said @itf.

“During this heatwave, don't tweet like a douchebag you abhorent, vacuous toad,” @arcardia_eg0 responded.

But it gets stranger. Instead of apologizing, ByPost began retweeting the critical responses they received.

They even retweeted a reply from @stavvers reading “scum scum scum body fascist scum.”

“Sort of revelling in it. They are making it worse,” said @janeruffino.

“I'm confused by @bypost deleting a body shaming tweet, but then retweeting the angry responses they've received,” @carla_burns said.

"I got your app, but I've had bilateral mastectomies and don't look great in a swimsuit,
wrote @GregortheMendel. "Any advice since you're dispensing?"

ByPost has yet to apologize, but admitted, “It was a foolish tweet.”



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