Fat Dachshund Loses 50 Pounds, Weighed 77 Pounds Before Diet (Photo)

After two years of strict dieting, Obie the Dachshund lost a whopping 54 pounds and now weighs in at a healthy 23 pounds.

Though his previous owners meant well, Obie was taken in by a Dachshund rescue organization and adopted out after his elderly owners fattened him up with human food. He was later adopted by Portland veterinary technician Nora Vanetta, who created a “Biggest Loser, Doxie Edition” weight-loss program for him.

Vanetta even created a Facebook page so dog lovers could watch Obie’s progress.

Vanetta attributed Obie’s weight-loss success to nothing more than a diet change, specifically a high-fiber and low-carb one, along with exercise. Vanetta noted that she uses Purina Veterinary Diet OM, which is available only through vets.

“He was eating only people food before, so it took a little bit of a transition to get him on dog food,” Vanetta said. “Now [he has] two meals a day, a couple snacks and lots of exercise.”

Obie, who was previously unable to touch his paws to the ground, now enjoys vegetables and munches on carrots like a rabbit.

According to vets, fat dogs are the number one problem they see in their practices. The type and amount of food dogs receive, along with the tendency of owners to give them snacks, contribute to their weight gain.

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Sources: DailyMail


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