Fast and Furious Scandal: Rogue Agent Lies in Gunrunning Case

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Katherine Eban of Fortune magazine reported that federal ATF agents did not let cartel gunrunners walk assault rifles across the Mexican border. The guns went across because there was no legal way to stop them. That’s what she learned by interviewing dozens of ATF agents.

Apparently, there has been only one agent, John Dodson, who purposely, and against orders, let guns go across. Turns out Dodson is the sole witness who saw gun walking, and he reported it to Representative Darrell Issa’s House Republican Oversight Committee.

Issa is the one running the witch hunt against Attorney General Eric Holder, who supposedly aided the gunrunners. Besides Dodson, no one else has been able to show that it happened. So it’s probably a lie. But Holder is being held in contempt because he did not stop what did not happen.

This all makes Obama look like he’s hiding something, too. Because if nothing happened, well, it’s obvious that Obama is waiting until after the election to do it. At least that’s what Issa has charged.

Confused? Don’t feel alone.

The fact is that U.S. agents in Arizona see people purchase 20 assault rifles at a time all day long every day. It’s totally legal to make these multiple purchases. So, tens of thousands of guns get released to purchasers annually. They, in turn, sell them to second parties after dark. There is no legal way for the Justice Department to follow these thousands of guns or block them from crossing the border. Nor is there even a way to know who is involved. That’s because it’s illegal to interfere with these folks.

Yet, Attorney General Holder, who oversees the ATF, is being held in contempt for something besides Dodson’s apparent lie. The beef is that Holder has not released the final documents in the case. But the reason that Holder has not produced the final documents on this case is that it is still under investigation.

But even more shocking, among the thousands of documents turned over to Issa by Holder, some gunrunning was exposed. The documents demonstrated that the only other incident of moving guns across the border purposely, aside from Dodson’s action, was in 2006. A program under President Bush’s ATF actually allowed it to happen. But there’s more—

The National Rifle Association has taken charge of the case of contempt against the Attorney General. The NRA will count any vote that is not against Holder as a vote against the Second Amendment. The logic is that any Representative who doe no side with the rouge agent and his lies cannot be trusted with the fate the country. Perfectly logical, right?

Meanwhile, rouge agent Dodson is being saluted by Romney’s fundraising billionaires buddies as the new Joe the Plummer. Because, well  … like Joe, Dodson seems to be a good liar. No one really knows, yet. Final judgment on Dodson won’t come up until he runs for Congress, like Joe, on an NRA platform.  Yet unbelievably—

This is a national emergency! Yes. An emergency. Attorney General Holder willfully and egregiously, and with premeditation, is refusing to assist the gunrunners, and that goes against their Second Amendment rights to cause mayhem, death, and destruction in Mexico.


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