Farrah Abraham's Photos Spark Controversy (Photos)


"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham found herself to be the subject of controversy recently, after allowing her 7-year-old daughter to model next to a pool wearing a full face of makeup and a bikini.

Abraham began her career on the popular MTV show "16 and Pregnant." She later starred on the spin-off series "Teen Mom" until 2012. She eventually transitioned to starring in adult film, releasing two sex tapes, according to the Mirror.

Now she is under fire for putting her young daughter, Sophia, into the limelight by posting pictures that some critics call provocative and inappropriate.

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Users called the photos "disgusting," according to People Magazine, with one person accusing her of "exploiting and selling [her] child."

But Abraham is defending the photos, People reports. "I think all of our children are little stars, and if they want to take pictures like everyone does, there's nothing to judge," she said

She went on to say that plenty of young children have modeling careers and that her daughter is passionate about her career as a model and entrepreneur.  

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Abraham said:

There's a lot of young children who do modeling, and everyone loves her pictures. I think because we're on Teen Mom OG, we get bad criticism, but Sophia's doing amazing in modeling, I couldn't be more proud of her -- she's opening up her own children's boutique, we're selling clothing. So the more pictures and more she's in a positive light and happy with what she's doing, there's nothing wrong with embracing how awesome Sophia is.

Abraham received intense backlash after posting a picture on the day of the Dallas shooting of her daughter modeling next to a Martin Luther King quote. 

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Critics accused Abraham of exploiting a national tragedy for more exposure. However, she insisted that wasn't her intent. "I'm not showing anything off. I actually loved the image, I loved the Martin Luther King quote and I love inspiring people," she told People. "I think everyone should can share whatever they wish when their heart is touched and they want to spread more positivity rather than segregation and separation in this world." 

Sources: People, Mirror / Photo credit: Farrah Abraham/Instagram via Daily Mail, ZM, Farrah Abraham/Facebook

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