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Farrah Abraham's July 4 Video Sparks Controversy


Reality television star Farrah Abraham is under fire for some things she shared over the July 4 weekend. 

The "Teen Mom" posted a drunken clip on Snapchat with her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia. Abraham is seen wearing stars and stripes while sipping on a beer with some friends, clearly inebriated. 

The two were celebrating Independence Day when the footage was recorded, according to Wet Paint. Abraham then posted a clip of Sophia dancing to Fifth Harmony’s “Work It” on a boat while wearing an ill-fitting life jacket. 

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Prior to this, Abraham, who calls herself “the best mom in the world,” caused controversy after sharing photos from her daughter’s bikini fashion shoot. 

The first grader was shown suggestively posing in a pink bikini while wearing face makeup, OK! reports. 

“Can't wait for more of Sophia's model photos to be out! #mylittlestar #proudmom,” Farrah wrote on Instagram.

Another photo shows Sophia pouting in a pool of water, wearing smoky eye makeup and staring into the camera, with the caption, “God gave me an extraordinary young lady @sophialabraham I'm so blessed - excited to see all the great things flourish in Sophia's life journey #blessed #beauty#photography.”

“Sophia has AMAZING eyebrows..gorgeous eyes,” one user wrote.

Another fan wrote: “Did anyone even consider that maybe she had a say in what she is doing for modeling? If Sophia is uncomfortable with anything she is more than capable of saying so. Most girls like to put make up on and dress up and we see how many faces she makes so she clearly can pose how ever she wants.”

While many of Abraham’s followers were supportive, others were appalled, according to In Touch. 

"When will child services get involved and take her child away for her sexualizing her in this manner?" one of her Instagram followers asked.

The 25-year-old defended her actions by claiming that her daughter enjoys wearing cosmetics, getting pictures taken and dressing up just like “all of the other children do.”

Sources: Wet PaintIn TouchOK! / Photo credit: farrah__abraham/Instagram via Wet Paint

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