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Farrah Abraham Under Fire For Daughter's Makeup (Photos)

Reality TV star Farrah Abraham told an interviewer she had a heated discussion with her daughter's elementary school principal about the young girl wearing makeup.

Abraham, 25, argued that, while her daughter Sophia is only 7, there's no reason she shouldn't use cosmetics.

"You know, when your kids are 5 or 6 they already start playing with makeup," Farrah said on the "Allegedly" podcast, according to the Daily Mail. "And I was the only mother in the freakin' elementary school getting called in to deal with makeup on her daughter."

She says she then accused the principal of hypocrisy.

"So I said to them -- and I proved my point because now the principal switched schools -- I go, 'Well then you should take off your makeup. If you don't want little girls coming to school with makeup then don't wear makeup,'" she said. "And then ever since I've seen that principal she hasn’t had makeup on her face."

It wasn't the first time Abraham has been criticized for her parenting. In June, she caught a lot of flak on Instagram when she posted photos of Sophia in a bikini and makeup, according to People. Some of her followers accused her of not only exploiting but also selling her child.

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Previously, she had told People that Sophia was beginning her modeling career.

"She's opening up her own Sophia Laurent boutique store in Austin, Texas," Abraham said of Sophia. "She's mentioned in New York Fashion Week. She's in children model magazines. I'm so proud of Sophia and that doesn't even really impact her real life. She's just been so successful on her own so that's just awesome to me."

Abraham gained celebrity status when she appeared on MTV's "16 And Pregnant" at the age of 17. In 2015, she appeared on "Botched" after she suffered an allergic reaction to lip injections, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, People / Photo credit: celebrityabc/Flickr, Sophia Abraham/Instagram via People

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