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Farrah Abraham Uploads Bikini Photo Of Child (Photos)

Reality TV and one-time porn star Farrah Abraham has sparked controversy after posting an Instagram photo of her seven-year-old daughter in a bikini on August 20.

The image features the child, Sophia, posing with a hand on her hip while wearing a leopard-print bikini.

Abraham, 25, uploaded the photo to promote her new MTV reality TV show, Teen Mom OG, premiering August 22, the New York Daily News reports.

Yet many were scandalized by what they deemed a provocative photo of the seven-year-old girl, adding that Abraham has "sexualized" her child.

"I know she's a kid and doesn't know any better but I'm sorry I'd never allow my child to pose like this or dress the way Farrah dresses this poor kid," one user wrote. "Especially with the sickos on the internet now."

Others thought uploading the photo could potentially harm the child.

"It actually seems dangerous to me. This can very easily be perceived as bait to sick minded individuals that hurt children," another person wrote.

Some, however, defended Abraham, explaining the bikini photo is similar to other pictures celebrity mothers have posted of their children.

"I just think that people should really calm down and mind their business," one user wrote, before adding, "I follow Jessica Simpson and she posts pictures of her daughter posing and no one gives her a brunch of grieve and drama. Like I said her daughter looks happy and loved, leave her alone."

Only one week earlier, Abraham had also posted a photo of Sophia in a bikini, but in a less provocative pose.

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It also received mixed reactions.

"Teaching her to stick her a** out already?", one user wrote to Farrah in a comment.

"Children pose for photos all the time, and the way she's posing shouldn't be a big deal, just because of who her Mom is," responded one user in defense.

In July 2016, Abraham once again stirred controversy after creating a Snapchat account for her daughter.

Snapchat deleted the profile later, explaining users had to be over age 13.

Sources: New York Daily NewsFarrah Abraham/Instagram / Photo credit: Splash via In Touch Weekly

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