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This 'Unicorn' In Uzbekistan Is Going Viral (Video)


An Uzbekistan farmer has discovered a cow with three horns in what online users theorize could be a revolutionary animal mutation (video below).

A YouTube video shows a calf with a horn growing out of its forehead. Many Internet users are saying that the animal is a modern-day unicorn.

The footage shows a group of men and a young child at a farm, inspecting the bizarre animal. Kids can be seen pulling on and holding the horn to show that it’s not a hoax.

Images from the central Asian republic farm instantly went viral and have shocked people from around the world, according to

The cow’s owner said the he was concerned the animal wouldn’t get along with the rest of the livestock. However, locals say the third horn actually gives the calf and leg up in life.

The animal is capable of pushing and even bullying the other livestock, using his extra horn to thrust them out of the way. Local media reported that the extra horn serves no hindrances to the cow.

Online commenters blamed the extra horn on unfettered pollution for mutating wildlife. Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop users from describing the cow as a "beauty." Some even wished for more calves to be bred the same way.

Recently, a well-preserved fossilized skull found resembling a unicorn was found in Kazakhstan. The shaggy creature was roaming the earth 29,000 years ago, according to CNN.

The finding has been dubbed the "Siberian unicorn." Unfortunately, it looks more like a rhino than a stallion.

"Most likely, the south of Western Siberia was a [refuge], where this rhino had preserved the longest in comparison with the rest of the range," said Tomsk State University scientist Andrei Shpansky, who published the findings.

Sources:, YouTube, CNN / Photo credit: ViralWorld/YouTube

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