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Farmer Goes Into Field To Urinate, Suddenly Experiences Worst Pain He's Ever Felt In His Life

A farmer has recovered after a venomous snake bit him on the penis while he urinated in an open field.

The 46-year-old sought treatment at a hospital about three hours after he was bitten. His condition was stable, but his penis was swollen and had blisters where the fangs had punctured it, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

The patient identified the snake that bit him as the venomous Levantine viper.

Medical workers at found that the venom was causing his blood to clot faster than usual, the Daily Mail reported.

The man was treated with a serum that neutralizes the venom of the viper, as well as that of the cobra and common krait.

After 36 hours of treatment, the farmer's blood began to clot normally again, and hospital staff discharged him.

Four days later, the swelling in his penis finally went down. However, because the venom instantly started to eat away at his flesh after the bite, the man was left with black wounds where the fangs had punctured him.

Two weeks later, at a follow-up appointment, the man had recovered completely.

Two years ago, an Israeli man suffered light injuries from a snakebite on his penis when a small snake came out of his toilet while he was using the restroom, bit him, and slithered back in, according to YNet News. The man said he felt a sharp burn and saw the snake briefly. He suffered puncture wounds but was far luckier than the Indian man, as this snake was not venomous. He ended up making a full recovery.

Snakes bite approximately 5 million people each year, notes the Daily Mail. Of those bites, about 100,000 are fatal, and several hundred thousand of them lead to amputations or other disabilities.

Sources: Daily MailNew England Journal of Medicine, YNet News / Photo Credit: Foto-Rabe/Pixabay


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