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Farmer Finds Mysterious Object In His Backyard, Finally Discovers What It Is (Photos)

Back in 2002, a farmer in the UK dug up a strange looking item and decided to use it as a doorstop, but 12 years later, it was discovered that the item was a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age dagger.

Reports say that a farmer in East Rudham, Norfolk plowed up the item in a field back in 2002, but for the 12 years since, his family has used it as a doorstop and left it unattended, completely unaware of its significance.

Eventually, the farmer discovered how valuable the item actually was, and now, its been sold to the Norwich Castle Museum for nearly $64,000.

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“The farmer found it and took it into the house because it would get in the way of his machinery,” said Dr. Tim Pestell, senior curator of archaeology at the Norwich Castle, to The Daily Mirror. “He gave it a cursory brush and left it lying around his office as a doorstop. It is amazing that it has been used as a doorstep but there are an awful lot of similar objects that are found just lying around a house.”

According to reports, the dagger was used in ancient rituals, although researchers are still not entirely clear on what the ceremonies entailed.

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