Farmer In Chile Reportedly Finds 'Chupacabra' Remains (Photos)

A goat farmer in Chile claims to have discovered the remains of two mythical creatures known as chupacabras.

Javier Prohens said he was having lunch when Brico Saldivar, 54, his farmhand, frantically told him that he stumbled upon the dead bodies of two strange creatures on the outskirts of the Chilean town of Monte Patria.

“He (Saldivar) was clearly scared and said he had been up at the old winery and found two strange bodies,” Prohens said. “When we got there, we saw them lying among some hay bales in one of the cellars.”

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When Prohens examined the bodies, he and Saldivar initially thought the animals were bats. “At first we thought they might be bats, but when we looked closer, we realized they had to be something else as the heads were too big for bats,” he said. “And then someone said they looked like chupacabras.”

Chupacabras, whose name translates to “goat sucker,” have long been rumored to exist in Central and South American countries. According to Headlines & Global News, a chupacabra is a “reptilelike” creature with “leathery and scaly green-gray skin” and “sharp pins and quills” down its back. Chupacabras are said to be 4 feet tall.

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Prohens’ discovery alarmed other farmers throughout the country that rely on goat farming to provide for their families. “Our livelihoods are built on goat farming. There are lots of goats here,” 38-year-old Querubin Lebron said. “Although it's said they only attack animals, who knows it is won't attack our children, too."

The discovery in Chile comes after a Texas couple claimed last April to have captured a chupacabra in their garden. It was later determined the animal was actually a raccoon with scabies.

Sources: Daily Mail, Headlines & Global News / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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