FAQs for Publishing Content on Opposing Views



• Who can publish content on Opposing Views?

From individuals to bloggers to organizations, anyone who signs up for an Opposing Views account (free and private) can publish their content.

Why should I publish my work on Opposing Views?

Opposing Views is a growing media platform that attracts more than half a million unique visitors each month. Its readership looks to consume many different perspectives about issues, news and products. Here’s your chance to get your work in front of thousands of interested users, and appear alongside prominent, well-respected groups and individuals. In addition, the best content on Opposing Views reaches an even broader audience when it is inserted in Google News, Twitter and Facebook.

What kind of content is Opposing Views looking for?

We’re looking for anything that you think is important or interesting. What do you feel strongly about? We publish material on a variety of subjects – and nothing is really off limits. Obviously, if the piece is timely and can be tied to an event or incident in the news, that’s fantastic. But it doesn’t have to be a current event. For example, you might submit a piece like “10 Ways to Live Better with Diabetes” or “Why Keeping a Bird in a Cage is Animal Cruelty.”

•  What kind of things is Opposing Views not looking for?

We want something of substance (that doesn’t mean it has to be serious – funny is great too). But avoid submitting two sentences or just a link to another piece that exists somewhere else on the Internet. Avoid posting profanity and anything pornographic. We abide by our own Civility 101 at Opposing Views.

How do I get my work on the home page?

Our editors read and review every single piece of content submitted. We look for one or more of the following qualities before placing an item on the home page: originality, interesting, timely, well-written, funny and/or informative.

•  Will OV editors edit my work?

Unless there is an egregious typo, we don’t want to edit your work. But we do, however, reserve the right to edit headlines. Sometimes it’s a space issue, sometimes we know certain keywords that will help your piece get read by a broader audience.

Writing a Piece

What’s a good headline?

Short and punchy beats long and verbose. Action words like "rocked, blasted, ripped" are always good. While short headlines are ideal, avoid abbreviating words.

When should I use photos?

Always include a photo. Always. If you need to find a photo, here are some copyright-free sites you can use: everystockphoto.com, freefoto.com and freedigitalphotos.net.

•  How do I publish or include a video?

Publishing a video is easy. For directions, click here.

Can I save my draft?

Yes, you can save your draft as many times as you’d like before you publish.

Can I edit a piece after I publish it?

Unfortunately, you cannot. So please make sure your piece is ready before hitting publish.

•  Where can I see all my published work?

On any Opposing Views page, you can find the orange, rectangular “MY OV” button at the top right. That will take you to all your work.

What about asking questions? When should I use that format?

You’re always free to ask the Opposing Views community a question. On the “Write a Piece” page, you’ll notice the “Ask a Question” link at the top as well. This is for sparking debate, asking for help or suggestions – anything where you want feedback from other readers.


What qualifies somebody as an expert?

From individuals to large groups, our experts come in all shapes and sizes. There is no exact formula for qualifying, but an expert must meet some or all of our essential requirements. They must be recognized as leaders in their field, provide credible information and perspectives, have a unique experience that provides valuable insight and/or have a notable following. Finally, they must conduct themselves civilly on our site.

•  How do I become an expert on Opposing Views?

Visit this page, go to the regarding field and choose “expert inquiries.”

Who else is an expert on Opposing Views?

Our goal is to publish a vast spectrum of voices and opinions. We have conservatives, liberals and moderates. We have religious experts – as well as atheist experts. Other than advocating violence against anyone, we welcome experts of all shapes and sizes. Thus, you’ll find such experts as the NRA, Amnesty International, PETA, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the DOJ.

Media, Blogger badges

What is a “media” or “blogger” badge?

Once you start contributing on a regular basis, we’ll likely give you a specific contributor badge. That means your content will rise to the top more often and your avatar will be seen in more prominent places.

How is a “media” or “blogger” badge different than an expert?

A contributor badge gives you stature on our site – but doesn’t mean you’re specifically an “expert” in a particular subject area. Example: You might have lots of great opinions about NASA and the U.S. space program, but you may not be an astrophysicist (who would be an expert).

How do I get a “media” or “blogger” badge?

Two ways:
Visit this page, go to the regarding field and choose “contributor inquiries.”
2. Start publishing. OV editors read and review every piece of content submitted. We’ll notice your work and contact you directly – or you can reach out to us first


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