Fans In Stand Disgusted When They Realized What Girl Was Doing To Herself (Video)

A Louisiana State University student was carried out of a football game by police after she allegedly vomited on people in the stands (video below).

Police were called to the LSU stadium after a complaint was made against 20-year-old Renuka Koritala, WAFB reports.

She tried to run away from the officers, and kicked one of them in his right knee, causing him to fall.

Emily Dupre, a psychology major at LSU, recorded the altercation between Koritala and police, and then posted it to Twitter with the caption, “Schemed too hard.”

The video shows Koritala, dressed in a white midriff tank and skirt, struggling against officers in the stands. She appears to yell, “you’re choking me,” during the altercation.

The three male and one female officer are trying to remove Koritala as she fights against them; to the point that they have to pick her up by her arms and legs and carry her down the stadium’s steps.

The crowd cheers as she is taken away.

Dupre responded to questions about the video on Twitter. She said that Koritala did not vomit on her, but that she and a cop did fall on her and someone else during the incident.

“She was throwing up everywhere and threatening to fight so they went get the cops and she resisted,” Dupre explained to another Twitter user.

When Koritala was out of the stands, she reportedly managed to free her leg and kicked the same officer again, according to WAFB.

When police searched her, a clear medicine bottle was found with what was believed to be marijuana inside, and a smoking pipe.

Koritala was charged with possession of marijuana, resisting an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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